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Schedule: 27/11/2018 09:30 - 27/11/2018 16:30

Location: Gobo & Highlight, Vermundsgade 40 C, København

Maximum participants: 6

Host/trainer: Nicolai Gubi Schmidt

Price: SEK 1275,-

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Contact person: Jens Holm - mail:

System Technician - Basic Level

(max. 6 participants)

Day 1 out of 3 possible

Tuesday 27th November, 9.30 - 16.30

Course goal

The goal with this course is to give the participant knowledge of the network terms and principles.

The course is about simple networks with 1 to 4 switches, without the use of VLANs and switch configuration. The focus in the course is on lighting networks and lighting protocols.


Elements in the training

  1. Introduction to network hardware.
  2. Cobber cables.
  3. IPv4.
  4. Unicast, Multicast & Broadcast.
  5. TCP & UDP.
  6. Talk about protocols:
    1. MA-Net1.
    2. MA-Net2.
    3. ArtNet.
    4. sACN.
    5. Telnet.
  7. Rules in MA-Net2.


Practical exercise

Build a network with two switches.

Set IP addresses.

Document the system.

FTP connection.

Telnet connect and PuTTy log.


MA products introduced

  • grandMA2 console
  • MA2 onPC
  • MA Node/MA NPU


Registration is binding, cancellation no later than 8 days before course start.
The course is held in English


Lunch and coffee will be served.

System Technician training overview

The idea is to make three courses at three different levels.

Each level take one day to complete.

They can all be executed three days in row, thus completing the entire training.

Maximum 6 students on each training - Hands on group task set this limit.

The courses has focus is on lighting networks and lighting protocols.


They are called:

System Technician - Basic Level

System Technician - Advanced Level

System Technician - Expert Level